One of the most ancient cities in India, Ayodhya is known by most to be the setting of the old Hindu epic Ramayana. Known as the birthplace of Lord Rama, the city is situated on the banks of the Sarayu River and was the capital of the antiquated kingdom of Kosala. The city was known to be established by the Hindu God Manu and is believed to be 9000 years of age. It is one of the most frequented tourist attractions in the country and is celebrated for its different sacrosanct temples. Top things to do in the city include visiting Treta Ke Thakur, Guptar Ghat, Gulab Bari, Kanak Bhavan, and Mausoleum of Bahu Begum.

Top Reasons to Visit Ayodhya

  • To visit the famous Hanuman Garhi temple characterized by the 70 steep steps in front of the temple complex.
  • To visit Treta ka Thakur temple. It is said to be the spot where Lord Rama performed the Ashwamedha Yagya.
  • To visit Kanak Bhavan, a house that Kaikeyi (step-mother of Lord Rama) gifted to Sita immediately after her marriage toRama.
  • To visit Guptar Ghat, the place Lord Rama is believed to have drowned himself in a ‘Jal Samadhi’.