Kannauj, one of the most ancient towns of India, is also zealously preserving its rich legacy. Travelers rush to this city in Uttar Pradesh to observe the magnificence of various archeological sites. Prehistoric weapons and tools belonging to the Bronze have been found at Kannauj. This city was visited by renowned travellers like Fa Hien. Harsha made Kannauj the capital of his reign and organized religious gatherings. The old name of this city was Kanya Kubja, and the modern name is a subsidiary of the bygone one.

Top Reasons to Visit Kannauj

  • To take a holy dip in the river Ganga.
  • To visit Government Archaeological Museum and see the terra-cotta figurines unearthed in the city.
  • To visit the 500-years-old Siddheswar Temple.
  • To explore the famous Vijay Market and buy rose water and attar (fragrant oil) for which Kannauj is widely-known.
  • To visit Lakh Bahosi Bird Sanctuary, one of the biggest bird sanctuaries in the country.