The seat of Lord Brahma, Pushkar is famed for its rare temples. Located in the Ajmer area of Rajasthan, this beautiful city is a revered spot for the Hindus. The city has held its old-world charm. Located by the side of the Sarovar Lake, Pushkar is renowned for the Brahma Temple, the only such temple in the country. The Pushkar Mela is a yearly occasion that draws travelers from all around the globe. Vibrant events, displays, and rivalries happen during this week-long fair. The Man Mahal, located on the banks of Sarovar Lake, is another of the town’s major tourist spots that isn’t to be missed.

Top Reasons to Visit Pushkar

  • To attend Pushkar Camel Fair, a camel and livestock fair held between October and November.
  • To visit the only Brahma Temple.To take a dip in the sacred Pushkar Lake.
  • To visit Gurdwara Singh Sabha that commemorates the visit of Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Govind Singh.
  • To visit Varaha temple, the largest and most ancient temple in the city.